Debonair Dogs All Breed Grooming Studio was established in 1980 by
myself, Deborah Wiebe. Up until 1998 I was located on St Joseph Blvd in
Orleans, Ontario and the shop quickly became a staple of the community.
During those years, it was a very busy and hectic operation, with a widely
known reputation for quality breed presentation, numerous employees,
and long hard hours.

In the spring of 98, after a serious horseback riding accident the previous
year that left me less then 100%, I finally ran out of steam and I made the
decision to close the big operation and leave behind all the headaches
that came with it. I set up a full grooming facility at home and it has been
the best move I ever made. Now, I work alone and only part time, enough
to finance my Giant Schnauzer showing and breeding hobby and keep my
loyal long-time grooming customers happy.
Debonair Dogs has long been recognized for exceptional professional
grooming and nothing has changed there. Whether you have a mixed
breed or purebred you want styled to perfection or if you just need your
dog clipped in a short low maintenance cut, I have the experience and
skill to ensure you are happy.

All grooming includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal glands and bath.

The style that your pet can receive completely depends on the condition
of the dog's coat, which will be fully explained to you once I see your
dog. You will know what to expect before you leave your dog for
grooming. No unpleasant surprises.

I do all purebreds and mixed breeds. The exception is large breed
undercoat removals (Collies, Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, etc...). To do
properly, they are just too labour intensive and time consuming for a one
man operation. I will however clip down these breeds when that is what
is required in the case of severely neglected coats.

Dogs are not here for the entire day, are in a low stress environment and
are usually done and ready for pick up by late morning/early afternoon.

I specialize in Terriers and Schnauzers (of course!)  and hand scissoring
is my preference.

Pricing totally depends on coat condition, dog size and breed. Generally,
small to medium purebreds and mixed breeds range from $60-90 and
larger breeds and mixes usually range from  $90-140+. There is HST on
grooming as well.

Shop hours:
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday   9am-2pm
Occasional after hour appointments available (early evening or off days).

By appointment only.  

5133 Farmers Way
Carlsbad Springs, Ontario (
20 minutes from downtown Ottawa)
K0A 1K0

613-822-2547 (CLIP)
Please do not call this number for breed information on my Giant
***All dogs on this entire page are shop clients groomed by Deborah