We love to get photos and updates of the dogs we have placed over the years. It's a thrill to see the happy,
well loved family members they have become. It makes me very proud and helps me know, that even though
there are sometimes heart breaking aspects to this hobby, the wonderful outcomes and happiness that they
bring to their families keeps making it all worthwhile.
"Cruise" Kievit
"BB Gun" Thompson
"Caprice" Bosse
"Shota" Sorsdahl
"Sadie" Cassar
"Oliver" Webster
"Sky" Urosevic
"Ace" Parr
"Jetta" Wylie
"Caprice" Bosse
"Shota" Sorsdahl
"Kira" Marzecka
"Hailey" Hargrove
"Maxime" Dalphond
Nightline Companions
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"Ruger" Dressel
"Carbon" van Velsen
"Carbon" van Velsen
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Oliver Webster
Remy Winters
Cleo Stephania
Charm Mullin
Kingston Corbin
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"Brie" Garland
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