Champion Nightline Moondance
OFA Excellent, Thyroid Normal
September 25th 2006- October 16/ 2015
Sire: Nightline Easy Rider              Dam: Nightline Glitz and Glitter

Prada is a beautiful Devon daughter. She is a linebred bitch with Taz as her grandma on both sides.
A designer pedigree for sure! Her first time in the ring at the OKC puppy match she won Best in
Match! At 8 months old, her first real show, she really made an impression by not only winning two
puppy groups, but also, group 3rd and 4th placements and 8 points for the weekend. She topped
that off with her next show, a one day appearance only, where she won a best puppy in show! She
is a very feminine, beautifully moving bitch, with an outstanding head and expression, lovely breed
type, perfect topline/tailset and powerful rear...and she's sweet and cuddly as can be too! We are
excited to breed her in late 2008 as soon as her health clearances are done.  Until then, she may
make occasional appearances at shows here and there as a special

Wow, did you ever leave your mark. RIP my sweet Prada.
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Newsflash: Prada goes Best Puppy In Show at the Kingston District Kennel Club Show, June 2007
Pictured at 5 Months
Newsflash: Prada wins Group 4th and Best Puppy In Group at the Ottawa Kennel Club Show, May 2007
Pictured at 8 months old