All Nightline puppies are CKC registered and sold on non-breeding agreements. All puppies are docked, dewormed,
tattooed, vet checked and have had their first vaccinations. They come with a complete puppy package that includes
photos and paperwork on both mom and dad, a 5 generation pedigree, vaccination certificate and health check, ear
taping instructions and grooming instructions. A printout from our kennel that will answer any and all questions
regarding feeding, toys, housebreaking, training, children, etc. is given out to every future owner before pickup dates to
help you get prepared.

We give very specific instructions on how to raise a healthy, happy puppy and the only dogs used in our breeding
program are not only beautiful but also sound of body and mind. Puppies are fully guaranteed against severe crippling
hip dysplasia and life threatening genetic/congenital illnesses like epilepsy and cardiomyopathy. If your puppy should be
so unfortunate enough to develop any of these, we will replace him or her with another puppy when you are ready. We
would not require that you return the sick puppy to us unless you wanted to.

It has become increasingly difficult to have ear cropping done locally and therefore unfortunately we can no longer offer
ear cropping for our puppies. I can recommend vets in the Toronto area where you can arrange to have your puppy
cropped if this is something that you want done. We still provide complete ear taping instructions for those that are
planning on the procedure.  

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes between 7 and 8 weeks of age. We do require a $500 non-refundable
deposit to reserve a puppy once we know that we have a pregnancy. This breed is not suitable for everyone. Only
people that we have either met or talked to at length beforehand and we are sure will offer a great life for one of our
puppies are put on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. Occasionally we do have older puppies and young adults
available as well. Our puppies are $1900 +HST uncropped.  We prefer if at all possible that people come to pick up
their puppy in person. If it has to be shipped, the cost of shipping and crate is extra.
Minutes Old
Proud New Mom
4 Weeks Old In Whelping Room
Yard full of puppies!
7 Weeks
8 Weeks - on the run!
12 Weeks
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Proud human mommy
Elegant sit
Posted ears 10 weeks old
Just Chilling
"Am I going to get THIS BIG?"
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6 weeks old
exploring the garden
Snow Bunnies
Digging in...
Sire: BISS AmCan GrCh Delarive A Kodak Moment
 OFA Good, Thyroid Negative
         Puppies are here!!! 7 boys, 3 girls
                 Born January 17/2018
           Call or email for availability.
            Dam: Nightline Encore (7 points)
Thyroid normal, PRA clear, OFA prelim clear