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Nightline Glidewalker

Whelped May 26, 2003
Sire: American Champion Ingebars Uri Geller
Dam: BISS Canadian Champion Nightline Adrenalin Rush
OFA: Excellent
Thyroid: Normal

Viper is an elegant, easy moving, big boned dog with beautiful angles and a lovely headpiece. He is 27.5" tall. Sweet natured and very gentle, he enjoys nothing better then to be cuddled and hugged. He is also quite vocal with an impressive array of noises to express his delight. He is only a backyard champion through no fault of his own.

Viper is presently the sole resident male at Nightline. He has produced some outstanding puppies and we hope to use him soon again in our breeding program. Meanwhile, he guards his harem and enjoys the couch.

Viper has found the perfect retirement home wirh Jacques Campeau and Patricia White of Mont Tremblant. He continues to have a harem, only now consisting of two female Shihtzus.  He will enjoy his senior years being spoiled rotten, loved and adored,  and wanting for nothing...and this boy deserves nothing less. I'll miss you Viper, but I know you are in excellent hands.
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