Canadian Champion Bluechip Deja Vu
Whelped March 17th 1996
Sire: BIS BISS American Canadian Champion Bluechip Cool Night V Raz TT
Dam: BIS American Canadian Champion Bluechip Pandemonium
OFA: Good

The foundation of Nightline, Vogue is a pretty, feminine and sound bitch who boosts a most impressive
pedigree. The result of the first frozen semen Giant breeding in Canada, she can also lay claim to being the
first frozen semen Giant Champion. She finished her Championship in short order and with style in only two
weekends and winning over strong Specials competition. She has gone on to become a valuable and excellent
producer and now, retired and spayed, she is the queen bee of this household.

On November 6th, 2007 we said good bye to our sweet little Vogue. She was 11 years and 8 months old.
She was John's baby, his favourite. To me, not only was she a dearly loved family member, but also the one
that brought all my dreams and aspirations to realization. It is a devastating, monumental loss for us.
Instead of moving her to the "In Memoriam" page, we have decided that she will remain as one of the
"Nightline Girls" because she lives on in every single dog I own and will forever. She started everything, she is
the reason Nightline exists, and I see her presence shining back at me in the eyes of all my beloved dogs.

Thank you for everything you gave us Vogue. We know it was your time to go, but if we had our way, you
would have stayed with us forever. We loved you dearly, we miss you terribly, and you'll always remain in our
hearts and our thoughts.
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